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Macbook battery icon not updating

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I decided to wait a week or two to see if the problem might work itself out – perhaps it was just a glitch related to the activation of my new account? About a week ago I decided to contact AT&T customer support to see what the deal was.

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We’ve had couple of readers so far reporting problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks after upgrading to i OS 8.0.2.Please power your phone off for 60 seconds then power your phone back on. Sure enough, I restarted my i Phone and was successfully hosting a 3-way conference call within seconds using the Merge Calls function.I was incredibly impressed by how quickly AT&T customer care handled my inquiry, but baffled as to why it needed to be done in the first place.After purchasing my i Phone 3GS a month ago, I was like a little kid on Christmas with a fancy new toy.I had to try everything out at least once and sloppily drool over all the cool things it could do.If you’re facing the Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity issues, then you may want to try resetting Network settings (Settings Delete Fingerprint, and set up the finger again).