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She is a Christian blogger writing about families and motherhood.'Figuring out my stance on homosexuality felt like a life and death decision,' she wrote in 2013, 'I know my Jesus, I love Him, and I think if he needed me to believe that homosexuality was a sin, He would have mentioned it.'The mom-of-three has also stated that her ex-husband, who she's written about extensively, has been fully supportive of her new life with Wambach.

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As for group rebuking sessions, that is a whole different can of worms.Becky is probably the worst when it comes to public humiliation and "calling-out" of specific people.

She happened to mention that her church — Grace Pointe — was "gay-friendly." All eyes turned toward her gay-friendly church.

In fact they are down-right humiliating and induce a lot of guilt-driven repentance. But does this type of rebuking do more harm than good? It is the reason why many people who leave feel so traumatized.

And, to be fair, if you're being rebuked, there is a fair chance that you did do something wrong... I'm not going to get into the correct, or Biblical way to rebuke, for that material is abundant.

Just like a victim of domestic abuse, you tolerate more and more emotional damage, and begin to rationalize, because in the end they supposedly love you.

In reality, the abuser needs to control and manipulate you.